About us who we are

Est-Vest Services SRL is a recruitment agency for the UK labor market. The agency was founded in 2004 in Bucharest and adopted the UNGP – Employer Pays Principle. Est-Vest Services SRL is committed not to charge workers for any recruitment related services.

For more informations you can call 0744367473, working hours Monday – Friday 10 to 17.

Est-Vest Services SRL has a GLA-ESTV0001 license and is registered at ITM Bucharest with the number 47287 and has also been entered in the personal data processing register under no.37 088.

The major partners of Est-Vest Services SRL are HOPS Labor Solutions, ABP, Danish Crown, Baird Foods, Hambleton Steel.

Services what we do with love

We are looking for people who want to apply for a job in the UK. We can offer you the opportunity to be employed in different areas as: agriculture, factories, warehouses, food industry. The experience of over 12 years in this field recommends us as a reliable partner in finding the right job for you.

Team talented folks

Alex Barbacaru
Brett Pearce

Our company offers best services, fact demonstrated by the large number of employees in different fields of activity. Since 2004, over 60,000 candidates have found a job through Est-Vest Services.


HOPS Labor Solutions is Est Vest Services's partner. HOPS connects people from the UK and overseas looking for work within the horticultural and land-based sectors with the farms and organisations that have the seasonal, temporary and permanent roles to offer them. HOPS then help to support these workers with their training, career development, search for further employment, and any issues they may have whilst working here in the UK.

Factories and warehouses

Est Vest Services can help you to find a job at factory either warehouse in the UK. The offer is varied, with different fields of activity. We collaborate with factories and warehouses in the textile and food industry.

Nowadays is very important to have qualification for a job and employers appreciate those candidates offering them good pay rates. Est Vest Services offers you the opportunity to find a job in meat indystry.

We have partnerships with UK slaughterhouses that offer very good working and pay conditions. The contract is signed directly with the employer.

Although our company has only been working for three years in this area, over 1000 butchers have found a job in the UK.

The steel industry is an industry that needs specialists. We have collaborations with employers in that industry. We are looking for welders with experience in different environments. Contracts are signed directly with the factory.