Terms and conditions


Terms and Conditions of the www.estvestservices.com site use


  1. Acceptance of Terms


1.1.  www.estvestservices.com (hereinafter referred to as estvestservices.com) site is managed by the EST-VEST SERVICES SRL, based in Splaiul Unirii 16, Floor 5, Office 504, 4th District, Bucharest, Romania, registered with the Trade Registry under number J40/16569/2004 and having VAT number RO 16850520. EST-VEST SERVICES SRL can be contacted by e-mail to office@estvestservices.com.


1.2.  This document sets out the terms and conditions under which you can use www.estvestservices.com site (the “Site”).


1.3.  The use of the Site implies entire acceptance of the terms and conditions itemized below.


1.4.  Terms and conditions may be modified at any time by the site administrator (the “Administrator”), without prior notice to persons (either individuals or legal entities) who use / visit (hereinafter referred to as “Users”). Please therefore, periodically reread the terms and conditions of use of the Site.


1.5.  Users will have permanent access to the terms and conditions for using the services, so you can consult it at any time.


1.6.  By accessing and browsing the Site, users implicitly accept the terms of use described below. If you do not agree with any of the Terms and Conditions, users must immediately cease accessing or visiting the Site. Further accessing or visiting the Site, any pages or any component thereof, constitutes a full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this document and any stipulations therin.


  1. Description of services


2.1.  Estvestservices.com site gives users access to resources and online tools that include: posting ads services, personalized content. You acknowledge and agree that the services may include advertisements and advertising is necessary to estvestservices.com site, in order to provide its services. You acknowledge and agree that estvestservices.com services include various announcements, administrative messages contained in estvestservices.com  newsletters and that these communications are considered part of the membership of estvestservices.com, there is no option to avoid such messages. You acknowledge and agree that the Service is provided “as it is” and estvestservices.com assumes no responsibility for the eventual deletion, forwarding or saving custom settings wrong.


2.2.   The access to some of the Estvestservices.com services may be provided only after payment of a subscription. Subscription payments will be based on proforma invoice / invoice in Lei, EURO currency conversion being made in Romanian currency at the date of invoice. Access to some services is conditional and will not be allowed until after the time at which confirms the transfer of money on the account of EST-VEST SERVICES SRL. In case you want to cease providing services to you, you acknowledge and agree that payments already made are not and will not be returned.


2.3.  Estvestservices.com services provided are based on a number of ads. estvestservices.com can modify the prices to the the services, and can change just as any other clause of this Agreement. Change can occur at any time and will be visible by increasing or reducing the price displayed on estvestservices.com.


2.4.   You accept and agree that in case of any delay in payment of monies to the estvestservices.com, to fully reimburse to estvestservices.com all costs and expenses arising in connection with recovering or attempting to recover such unpaid amounts.


  1. Registration and responsibilities


3.1.  Obligations at registration


I order to use the services offered by estvestservices.com site, you must:


  1. a) provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself as requested by the registration form of the site, and


  1. b) up-date and renew, if the situation requires, the registration data to be true, accurate and complete. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, EST-VEST SERVICES SRL has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the sites estvestservices.com. Site Administrator will block any kind of access to the site estvestservices.com users, who violate the terms and conditions of use for all accounts held by them. EST-VEST SERVICES SRL may, without any other notice or formality, neither need to explain one’s attitude, suspend or block access to the site content or part of the content.


3.2.  Users’ behavior and obligations


3.2.1.  Users accept the following rules for use of this Site, as existing or amended.


3.2.2.  Users accept that:


  1. a) shall not upload, post or transmit on or through the Site information that infringes legislation, with discriminatory content, racist, threatening, obscene, perverse, pornographic, offensive, harassing, defamatory or objectionable;


  1. b) will not send messages with sexual connotations;


  1. c) will not use the Site content for commercial purposes;


  1. d) will not send advertising messages;


  1. e) will not organize in the / through the Site multi-level marketing systems;


  1. f) will not violate individual property rights, privacy rights, rights of publicity or any other proprietary rights of others;


  1. g) will view, print or transmit information on the site only for personal, non-commercial purposes;


  1. h) will not remove the copyright notice and / or trade mark notice from any copies of content;


  1. i) copies will be made only in compliance with these Terms of Use;


  1. j) will neither create databases, nor by downloading (page by page or in any other way of) the content of the Site;


  1. k) will not post items that could cause harm to the Site;


  1. l) will not upload viruses, trojans, scripts or other software of this kind;


  1. m) will not stop, excessively load, interfere or attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part of the Site, its computer systems, servers or networks;


  1. n) will not provide false information about them, will not pose as other people and will not try to cheat us on their identity, or on the origin of offered content, messages or other information;


  1. o) will not transmit junk mail, chain letters or other unsolicited bulk or duplicate e-mail messages;


  1. p) will not collect information about other users of the Site without their consent, neither will extract data or data fields, such as financial data or email addresses;


  1. q) will not sell access to the Site or to the Site use and any fragment accessed directly from it;


  1. r) will not redistribute the content provided by the Site in any way, including in / through printed publications, faxed, website, e-mail, discussion groups or forums, or any other service or electronic method or printed, without the written consent of EST-VEST SERVICES SRL;


  1. s) by uploading, posting or transmitting information through or to the Site, Users grant EST-VEST SERVICES SRL – or those entitled with the right of succession and transfer – non-exclusive license, unlimited in time and space, without copyright perpetual and irrevocable license, to use or distribute this information in a statutory manner, according to the privacy policy of the Site; above mentioned license includes the right of EST-VEST SERVICES SRL to freely sub-license the content, to third parties, with whom has contractual relationships. The copyright of pieces of work uploaded by users stick to these, website acting only as a free host of such information.


  1. t) will not use any automated system that accesses the Website in a manner that sends more request messages to the Site, in a short period of time, for a person not to be able use this convention;


  1. u) will not change any part of the Site except for what is necessary for its proper use, on the purpose for which it has been created. So, in the areas of the Site that allow adding content to the user, they can insert / upload content which is in strict compliance with the format and dimensions indicated on the Site, in the respective field;


  1. v) expose themselves to materials that may be offensive, indecent, repulsive and agree:


  1. to disclaim any legal rights or compensations that you could claim from the Website or EST-VEST SERVICES SRL and


  1. to invest and maintain the site, the owners / operators, affiliates and / or its licensees with complete immunity to the extent allowed by law regarding all matters related to use of the Site;


  1. w) may not publish, transmit or make reference to the users or members of EST-VEST SERVICES SRL any unsolicited commercial message, messages with confidential information messages, containing viruses or any other code sequences, that turn out to be destructive or may discontinue, remove, or limit the functionality of the Site, “pyramidal game” type messages, or any other activity designed to erode the trust of others, and any text messages containing illegal, immoral, offensive, threatening, abusive, that violates any law on intellectual property or other rights that a third party may have.


3.2.3.  There not allowed:


  1. a) attempt to interfere in any way in the Site content, deleting or changing in any way the materials and information on this, or attempt to act for that purpose;


  1. b) any attempt to scan, try or test the vulnerability of the Site;


  1. c) any attempt to interfere with the hosting servers, by any means, including their eventual attack;


  1. d) use any e-mail addresses, published through the Site, to distribute them on mailing lists or for sending commercial e-mails (“spamming”) or for any other purpose, than sending justified personal e-mail, without written consent of the owners of these email addresses.


3.2.4. Violation of any of the above rules entail civil or criminal liability. EST-VEST SERVICES SRL will investigate the facts involving such violations, cooperating with the authorities to prevent or prevent such violations.


3.2.5. Users agree to receive notification-type messages via e-mail sent by the Site, with information considered by Administrator to be of interest to users.


3.2.6. If Site users identify any material which is considers indecent, illegal or immoral, they are kindly asked to notify on the situation bz sending an email to the address – office@estvestservices.com.


3.2.7. If the users believe that certain content on the site violates its intellectual property rights, the right to privacy, publicity or other personal rights, they are asked to send an e-mail to office@estvestservices.com in which to specify the rights violated.


3.2.8. EST-VEST SERVICES SRL does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy of information posted by users, neither endorses any opinions expressed by them. EST-VEST SERVICES SRL has no obligation to check in advance the material submitted by users and is not responsible in any way on the information and data posted, broadcast or transmitted by its users.


3.3. Information for Users


3.3.1. When registering on the site, you will be asked certain information including a valid email address. In addition to the terms and conditions that shall be governed by the site policy, you acknowledge and accept that EST-VEST SERVICES SRL may disclose to a third party certain pieces of information, contained in your registration application.


3.3.2. EST-VEST SERVICES SRL will not disclose to any third party your name, address, e-mail address or your telephone number without your consent, except for cases when required by law, the disclosure of these pieces of information is necessary and in compliance with this Privacy Policy.


EST-VEST SERVICES SRL reserve the right to offer third party services and products, based on data specified in your registration at any time after it has occurred, such offers may be made by EST-VEST SERVICES SRL or by a third party involved.


3.4.  Registration, Password and Data Security


3.4.1. You are responsible keep confidentiality of your information and password. You will be responsible for the use of your registration, whether it is done with or without your consent. You agree to notify the EST-VEST SERVICES SRL of any unauthorized use of your account and password. You also agree to use the exit button from your account when you want to leave the site at the end of each session of its usage. EST-VEST SERVICES SRL will not be liable for any moral or material damage caused by any eventual breach of this provision by you.


3.4.2. If considered appropriate, EST-VEST SERVICES SRL may lock password, service usage, or any of its other services you benefit, and delete or remove any material from the Services for any reason or with no reason. Also, EST-VEST SERVICES SRL, whenever they want, and without any eventual reason, may discontinue providing services, or any part of them, with or without notice.


Any termination of your access to services estvestservices.com, under any rules of this Regulation may be made without preliminary warning. You acknowledge and agree that EST-VEST SERVICES SRL can block or delete your account immediately, from estvestservices.com site, and all the information regarding this and/or forbid any further access to estvestservices.com services. EST-VEST SERVICES SRL will not be liable to you or any third party in any way, for deactivation and/or deleting your account and the access to services provided through estvestservices.com.


  1. Site Content Rights


4.1.  The content and graphical elements, the entire contents of the text and any other material to the Site, including but not limited to, those transmitted in any form and by the user (by direct website visualization, newsletters or any other material relating directly or indirectly to the Website) belong to EST-VEST SERVICES SRL.


4.2.  By derogation from the preceding provisions, do not belong to EST-VEST SERVICES SRL those materials for which the site has indicated a different rights holder, or other holder or another source.


4.3.  The actions described below are not allowed without prior written permission from EST-VEST SERVICES SRL:


  1. a) removing symbols identifying the copyright of EST-VEST SERVICES SRL / Site about the contents;


  1. b) reproduction, modification, publication, distribution, storage, transmission, retransmission in any manner or form, by any means (including electronic, magnetic or computerized), and participation in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or display the contents of the Site;


  1. c) reproduction or store content, as well as submitting this content to any other website, server or any other storage media, if the purpose of this activity is commercial


4.4.  If you want to download any content from the Site, please contact us at the address office@estvestservices.com.


4.5.  Users commit to respect all copyrights and related rights, as well as any other intellectual property rights that EST-VEST SERVICES SRL holds on the / in connection with the Site, its content, any module or component theirof, or in connection with their use.


4.6.  Users acknowledge and accept that in case of breach of any of the above provisions, to whatever extent, will be held liable to the authors / owners of the content of the Site.


4.7.  Any person communicating information or materials in any way by or through the Site commits not to prejudice in any manner the rights of the author, that a third party could rely on the materials and information provided in any way to the Site, and people who post information or materials in any way acknowledge and accept that any violation of the obligation can not engage in any way responsibility of EST-VEST SERVICES SRL, but only the responsibility of the persons concerned.


4.8.  Our policy is to comply with all the laws related to intellectual property and act as soon as we are notified of any violation that may have occurred.


4.8.1. If some of the information reproduced on the Site constitutes a violation of copyright, users are asked to send us a message in this regard containing the following information:


  1. a) a physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of a person who possesses the copyrights to recording the complaint;


  1. b) identification of the original concerned;


  1. c) identification of the material on the site which has violated or has become the subject of copyright violation;


  1. d) the address, telephone number and electronic mail address of the injured part;


  1. e) a statement that the injured part shows good faith on the use of the material in the manner mentioned above, unauthorized by the copyright owner, its agent or by the law;


  1. f) a statement that information in the complaint regarding copyright violation are true, and the injured part is authorized to act on behalf of the owner, whose rights seem to have been violated.


4.8.2. All posts on copyright violation should be sent at office@estvestservices.com.


4.8.3. All correspondence must be in either Romanian or English.


4.9.  Unauthorized user access to any servers rented by EST-VEST SERVICES SRL is prohibited. In case of trial and / or access, without right, of these servers, the act constitutes an offense punishable under Romanian legislation.


4.10.  EST-VEST SERVICES SRL does not claim ownership rights over the materials you provide (including comments and suggestions) or that you post / upload / send to estvestservices.com site. However, submitting content, you agree to give EST-VEST SERVICES SRL permission to use materials including to: copy, distribute, transmit, publish, reproduce, modify and translate; to mention your name in connection with the material you sent, and the right to assign these rights to its turn any partner of EST-VEST SERVICES SRL. For use of the material in the manner described above, shall not claim and not grant any compensation. EST-VEST SERVICES SRL has no obligation to post on Site or use in any way the material provided by you; EST-VEST SERVICES SRL has the right to remove your material at any time and without having a reason to do so.


4.11.  estvestservices.com does not confirm that each user is what it claims. Since we can not control the behavior of users estvestservices.com in the event of a dispute with one or more users, EST-VEST SERVICES SRL is absolved of any liability or damages (direct or indirect) of every kind and of any nature, known or unknown, suspected or not, disclosed or not, published in any way connected with such disputes. Material posted by users may contain inaccuracies or spelling mistakes. EST-VEST SERVICES SRL does not assume the veracity and accuracy of the material on the site. You acknowledge and agree that You are solely responsible for the form, content or accuracy of materials posted on the site.


  1. Limitation of Liability


5.1.  Using the services of estvestservices.com site is at your own risk. Services are provided on an “as it is” and “as available” principle.


5.2.  When reporting errors, the Administrator will attempt within a reasonable time to correct them.


5.3.  EST-VEST SERVICES SRL does not assume any responsibility or liability of the information posted on Site. This information:


5.3.1.  It is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or updated;


5.3.2.  may contain links to other sites, pointers or reference sites to the products or services offered by third parties on the contents of that EST-VEST SERVICES SRL has no control and for which assumes no responsibility; they can be accessed at will of our users and do not represent the approval towards:


  1. a) the organizations that operate these websites;


  1. b) the content, privacy policies or other terms of use of such sites;


  1. c) the products and services offered by these sites;


5.4. As we do not have any control or responsibility over any other sites or the information provided by other companies or organizations, or the products and services offered by other sites, we do not assume any responsibility for use mentioned above, making it on their own risk. You further acknowledge and agree that the EST-VEST SERVICES SRL will not be responsible or liable to pay compensation, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or presumed to have been caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through such sites or resources.


5.5. The site is expressly exonerated from all liabilities of any kind, expressed directly or indirectly, including but not limited to, indirect warranties for sale or for a specified purpose.


5.6.  The site provides no warranty that:


  1. a) information will fulfill all the requirements of users;


  1. b) the services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free;


  1. c) the results that may be obtained from use of Site information will be accurate or reliable;


  1. d) the quality of any products, services, information or other material purchased or obtained by users through the Site will satisfy all your requirements;


  1. e) any software errors will be corrected.


5.7.  A document available on the Site does not necessarily reproduce the text of an official document. Only documents and normative acts on printed paper by the bodies entitled are considered authentic.


5.8.  The site administrator does not assume any responsibility if some information is provided late, are lost, deleted or can not be stored on our servers for any reason.


5.9.  The site will not be responsible for any problems or failure of networks or telephone lines, internet online systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, computer programs, or any other element who, as a result of using site, can cause damage to personal computers, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets or any other devices.


5.10.  The site does not assume any responsibility for any consequences which may occur as a result of delay, loss or inaccuracy of information published or available on the Site.


5.11.  Users will use the information provided by Site on their own responsibility, and in case of damage caused by the use of services or information provided, users accept that the The site administrator / The site will be exempted from any liability.


5.12.  For any reason, the site or the site administrator will not be responsible for direct, indirect, incidental, special damages, including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, possibility of use, data or other intangible or incommensurable losses – even if the site or the site administrator were previously informed of the possibility of such damages – resulting from:


  1. a) use or inability to use the Site or its information;


  1. b) cost of goods and complementary services procurement resulting from any goods, data, information or services purchased or obtained, messages received, transactions initiated by / on the Site;


  1. c) unauthorized access to or alteration of user data transmissions;


  1. d) statements or actions of any third parties on the Site services;


  1. e) any other matter relating to, caused by, and arising from the use of this Site or its services


5.13.  EST-VEST SERVICES SRL does not assume any responsibility or liability for any losses incurred as a result of any decision, action or inaction based on information published on the Site.


5.14.  EST-VEST SERVICES SRL does not assume any responsibility for problems that may result from use of the Site or any external website to which it refers.


5.15.  The concept of non-commitment of liability is not reflected on the obligation of EST-VEST SERVICES SRL to comply with the law and cannot exclude obligations EST-VEST SERVICES SRL required by law.


5.16.  The website reserves the right, at its own discretion, to modify and deny access or close down temporarily or permanently, any part of the Site or any information contained therein without responsibility to notify users.


  1. General rules


6.1. Site Administrator supports the following:


6.1.1.  It will make all reasonable efforts to achieve the purpose of the site;


6.1.2.  It will make every effort ( technical and otherwise) for the good functioning of the Site, however, there may be interruptions in service or inability to access by the users, for an indefinite period of time, from any reasons;


6.1.3.  a) will assume the right, at its sole discretion, to add, change or remove any terms that are part of the conditions of use without notice or take any responsibility;


  1. b) any change to the Terms of Use will take effect immediately, with the occurrence of such changes on the Site;


  1. c) acceptance to periodically review the Terms of Use and further use of the Site after the changes referred to in items a) and b) will be considered acceptance of those changes.


6.2.  The Site may include sections that include content uploaded by users in different formats (text, photo, audio, video etc).


6.2.1.  For materials posted on the Site, User warrants that it is in at least one of the following ways:


  1. a) is the author of such materials;


  1. b) holds the copyright on these materials;


  1. c) has the consent of the copyright owner to post such materials on the Site.


6.2.2.  For the sections of the Site which may contain opinions of users, the responsibility on the content of the opinions rests entirely on their authors.


6.2.3.  The site reserves the right to not publish those opinions that contradict the terms and conditions of use or it considers harmful, in any form, to self-image, partners or third parties.


6.2.4.  Users materials posted on the website by users (in any format) will be subject to moderation before or after uploading.


6.3.  The website reserves the right to restrict the commercial use of any of its service.


6.4.  The site can do at any time advertising campaigns and / or promotions in any section thereof. Campaigns and promotions conducted by the Site does not require user consent. Spaces and size of the advertising campaigns and promotions do not require user consent and can be changed at any time without requiring prior announcement.


6.5.  The website assumes no responsibility for damage or losses resulting from organized advertising campaigns or promotions on the Site, other than those organized strictly by Site.


6.6.  If any of the provisions of the terms and conditions of use will be considered invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, it will be reformulated so as to comply with applicable laws, while all other provisions of the Terms and Conditions of use shall remain in force.


6.7.  None of these Terms will not be circumvented.


6.8.  It is forbidden any use of the Site content for any purpose other than expressly permitted by present document or by law. Requests to use the content for any purpose other than expressly permitted herein may be sent to the e-mail office@estvestservices.com.


6.9.  The website reserves the right to not approve or disable (without further possibility of the user to reactivate them) the information or comments submitted for publication or published in breach of the terms and conditions of use, which are outside the main subject of the article or which it considers, unilaterally, as illegal, discriminatory, defamatory, unsuitable or harmful in any way, to own images, or third party partners.


6.10.  Users agree that the terms and conditions or other notices posted on the Site were conceived in Romanian. If there are translations into other languages, they may be incomplete or imperfect. Therefore users agree that, in case of conflict between the Romanian language version and versions in foreign languages, the Romanian language version shall prevail.


6.11.  Terms and conditions of use will be respected and applied under the laws in force in Romania.


6.12.  If you have questions about the terms and conditions of use or want to be informed about the personal data processed by EST-VEST SERVICES SRL which directly concern you, please contact us at office@estvestservices.com.


6.13.  For any requests please use the contact information page.


6.14.  Any possible dispute concerning this Site is for the competence of the ordinary courts of Romania.






Privacy Agreement


  1. Personal data


1.1. General information


1.1.1. EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd is trying to protect as much as possible the privacy and image rights of the site users. We intend to undertake all necessary efforts to ensure that the information you input into our database is used only for the purpose intended by you. EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd is registered in The Register of Personal Data Processing under no.


1.1.2. Personal pieces of information provided to our website with the intent of using our services are protected under the Law no. 677/2001.


1.1.3. According to Law no. 677/2001, users have the right to access, to modify the data, to not be subject to eventual individual arbitrary decision, as well as the right to go to court. Users also have the right to oppose the processing of their personal data and to request that this information should be deleted. In order to exercise these rights, users should send a written request to EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd, mailed to the address listed in 1.1., dated and signed.


1.1.4. The purpose of collecting data is for users to have easier access to their account on the Site as well as to inform the users of the site about the latest news, contests or promotional campaigns organized by EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd.


1.1.5. The site uses “cookies” to identify its users, to customize displayed content [for example to preserve custom settings for each user, log in to post comments or to create user profiles (without specific identification of the user or the terminal used for these actions) for marketing purposes]. The cookies do not contain any personal data of users and does not present a risk if they are intercepted by third parties. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, some pages may not fully work.


1.1.6. The purpose of the third party advertisers’ access to data stored on the users’ computer (cookies) is internet marketing [for example displaying relevant ads to users and creation of user profiles without specific identification of the users or the terminal used by these) for marketing purpose].


1.1.7. Other third parties, such as those that collect traffic data, or those of social networks integrated with our site, may use cookies for collecting traffic information or for allowing content sharing with the specific social network.


1.1.8. Users who do not want third-party access to the data stored on their computer (cookies) may use their browser settings for erasure or blocking.


1.2. What pieces of information we collect:


1.2.1. The site collects information from users using one of the following methods: directly from the user, from traffic reports registered by hosting site servers, and by using cookies.


  1. a) Information provided directly by the user


When you open an account with our Site, we may ask you to provide personal information including your name, address, email, phone no., contact information, billing information and other information by which we can identify you. In other areas of the Site, estvestservices.com collects or may collect demographic information which can identify you, such as zip code, age, gender and your interests. Sometimes we collect or may collect a combination of the two types of information. When creating an account on the Site, you are required first name, last name, email address, birth date, gender, profession, zip code, activity field and personal interests. By creating an account with our website and by subscribing to our services, you facilitate our access to your personal data.


  1. b) Information from the server traffic report


By visiting a website one reveals certain information such as IP address, time of visit, the place of connection to the internet. Sites record this information for a determined period of time. Our site uses this information only to communicate the behaviour patterns of anonymous users to our advertisers. We do not use traffic data to identify individuals behind IP addresses.


  1. c) Cookies


In order to offer a personalized service to users, the Site may use cookies to facilitate access to your account and its benefits. Also, third-party advertising networks that operate online promotions on the Site may use cookies to adapt their advertising based on your preferences. A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, the cookie allows that site to recognize your browser. Cookies may store user preferences and other information. The use of cookies is presently a standard of most important sites that can be visited. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. But if you do not prefer this, you can reset your browser either to notify you whenever you receive a new cookie, or even refuse to accept cookies. Cookies allow us to save your access passwords and your preferences, so that you do not have to retype them next time you visit us.


1.3. How do we protect information collected from users


1.3.1. The site does not transmit to third parties (by sale or rent) the information collected, without the prior express consent of the user. Any statistics on user traffic that we provide to third ad-networks or to partner websites is provided only as a set of data and does not include any personally identifiable information about any individual user.


1.3.2. E-mail – only personal data needed to send a reply are collected. If you have questions regarding the processing of your emails and of related personal data, do not hesitate to include them in the sent message.


1.4. Who has access to information collected from users


1.4.1. The Website and EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd will not disclose to third parties any personally identifiable information about users, without first receiving the express consent of the respective user.


1.4.2. At the same time, the Site may disclose personally identifiable information in the following cases:


  1. a) With your express consent;


  1. b) If transmitting information is needed in order to provide products and services requested by you;


  1. c) If the information is necessary to our business partners for improving or facilitating the services or products requested by you, the Partner sites are entitled to use the personal data provided directly by estvestservices.com only to the extent that their assistance is needed;


  1. d) We may share personal information with public authorities or public institutions as required by law or good faith if:


– The law requires it;


– This is necessary to protect the rights and interests of EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd;


– Prevent a crime or protect national security;


– Protects individual security or public safety;


– This is necessary in order to solve different situations.


  1. e) If your activities are contrary to the terms and conditions stated by EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd , or to the instructions for the use of certain products and services;


  1. f) If EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd merges or is acquired totally or partially by another company, the database is transferred to the new operator.


  1. g) If the EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd becomes insolvent, voluntarily or involuntarily, database can be sold by the liquidator, administrator or buyer, authorized, or traded only with a legal court decision. In case of any eventual situation described, you will be notified by email or by a notice posted on the website estvestservices.com.


1.4.3. In conclusion, when you access the Site and you are asked to disclose information about you, you will disclose this information only to the Site, unless the service or information is provided in partnership with another site or service. But every time when such service is provided in partnership with another site, you will be informed about it, the purpose for sharing your personal information being to provide you with the highest possible standards of services. If you do not want these data to be shared, you can proceed accordingly by not allowing data transfer by not using that particular service. If you choose to agree to share data, you must understand that service providers in partnership may have separate privacy and data collection rules. The site has no control and can not guarantee on all legal aspects involved in these independent privacy practices.


1.5. Other stipulations


By filling the on-line registration forms, users agree that their personal data may be recorded into the site database and that they will receive messages about products and services, promotions, contests, or any other editorial and marketing actions performed in future by the Site and its agreed partners.


1.5.1. After completing the registration form, the user has an account for the use of services. Users are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the passwords associated with access to the Site, conditional to logging.


1.5.2. The user is entirely responsible for all information that is disclosed in his account.


1.5.3. The website assumes no liability for consequences that may arise in case of unauthorized access to user accounts by third parties.


1.5.4. At the explicit request addressed to office@estvestservices.com by the User, the Site promises to correct, update, block, erase or rend into anonymous and to cease the processing of personal data, free of charge, in accordance with Law no. 677/2001, regarding the protection of individuals on the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.


1.5.5. The site is not responsible for any attacks aimed at stealing or vandalism, which could lead to the disclosure or compromise of data (including personal data).


1.5.6. The site does not assume any responsibility for situations where the users publish their address or any other personal data on their own initiative, in a public post on any of the pages/sections of the site.


1.5.7. Our Site policy is to not accept and to not take into account unsolicited materials. If users send such materials, Site reserves the right to consider such material non-confidential and non-proprietary or personal rights. Such materials and rights become the property of EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd, free from any claims by any person or group of people, and can be used for any purpose by EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd without obligation to compensate for their use.


1.5.8. When filling the registration form, users can choose the login name (username) and password (password). We recommend users to not disclose these to anyone.


1.5.9. The Site or EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd shall never ask users for their passwords through messages sent by electronic mail or telephone.


1.5.10. Users agree to not lend personal password to another user – this is necessary for their own protection and for the validity of the information submitted. They also agree to never use another user’s password to post messages.


1.5.11. The Site may present advertisements and/or links to websites of third parties, including partners, advertisers or sponsors. Information provided to external sites is not under the control of the Site and any publication of personal data on other pages on the internet is at your own risk. EST-VEST SERVICES Ltd is not responsible and shall not be held liable for any eventual loss or damage of any kind, arising from such deals or from the presence of these companies in the advertising campaigns of estvestservices.com site.


1.5.12. Privacy rules can change without prior notice. If we consider it necessary to make a change in the confidentiality rules, we will post those changes on this page. If you have questions regarding our privacy policy please contacts us at: office@estvestservices.com.